Juliette’s Top 10 Reasons to Do a Solo Show

10) To take your career to the next level
9) To give yourself a product to develop into a film or TV show
8) To give yourself a product to earn extra income
7) To show your range as an actor
6) To be proactive in your career
5) To grow as an artist and human being
4) To empower yourself
3) To give yourself a sense of accomplishment
2) To express and reveal your soul
1) To RELEASE the story and LET GO of the fear

“I had a goal to write something, anything, just open up my heart and mind to myself and be a bit more uninhibited with my feelings, and now I am submitting to festivals.”

~ Misha Gonz-Cirkl (“Hummingbird”) 

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“Juliette guides you with ease, proficiency, artistic intuition and absolute care for the craft of acting.  She taps into the needs of the artist so they have the confidence to bring their best efforts to the spotlight and shine beyond it.  She is the best advocate any performer could ask for because she balances patience with urgency, and is a boundless source of knowledge and creativity while remaining open and receptive to the vision of the actor.”

 ~ Sandra Booker, playwright of She Can Be Evil – A Survivor’s Story

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